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Aesthetics, elegance and quality

The fitting choice of wood for your wellbeing

Beautiful ästhetics

The variety of 15 domestic wood species, in combination with the installation types and patterns, leaves nothing to be desired. For customers, this means flexibility and quality, individual advice & Made in Germany!

Plain elegance

With a solid wooden floor, you get a genuine and healthy piece of nature in your living space. The naturalness of these floors reflect the character of a tree, look elegant and stylish, friendly and warm in the room. They are simply timeless.

Premium quality

Our produced wooden floors from oak trees have been growing between 100 and 200 years and are hand-hewn without any chemicals. The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) tested and approved our laid planks as suitable construction product, specially certified according to DIN EN 14342 for wooden floors and parquetry.

The process

From the forest up to your house

  • 01

    The harvesting in the forest

    The forests of our trees are in Würzburg, Bamberg and the surrounding area. We offer exclusive use of selected trees from local forestry. Our suppliers are, without exception, forestry enterprises managing sustainable forests.

    The trees are felled at the perfect moon phase, actually right before new moon starts. By this way the cold winter months are used to take advantage of the  juice-rest of the trees. That’s why the wood is cut from December to February.

    Steigerwald, Graf-von-Schönborn Rundholzernte Graf-von-Schönborn Eiche
  • 02

    Selection and monitoring of the log

    All solid wood floorings are custom-made, produced individually and on order. For us this means, strict control of all upstream processes, starting with the selection of each individual trunk.

    Rundholzübernahme 100 bis 200 Jahre alte Eichen
  • 03

    Sawmill, storage and drying

    After being transported to the sawmill, the raw logs are sawn into board material. Thus, the wood then can relax, the sawn goods are dried in stacked form for an average of 1.5 years in the fresh air.

    Thereafter, the wood is relaxed enough and just needs some slight support from technical drying. This optimum moisture ensures that the wooden floor stays quiet and that a nice balance for a healthy indoor climate is given.

    Gesägte Brettware: Rohmaterial Naturböden Schnittholzlagerung im Freien
  • 04


    The finishing of the surface with oils and waxes still demands a lot of manual work. We live the term “manufacturer”.

    Due to changes in structure and color, any solid wood floor can be customized to your needs or styles:

    Product type / assortment

    Plank flooring or parquet / herringbone parquet


    Sanded or brushed + additionally hand-planed


    Length & width of the floor boards can be adjusted individually (room-long planks or falling lengths)


    The surface is created by applying many different oil layers on the boards. So we can create any desired color for

    Individualisierung durch Handarbeit Rohe Naturdiele nach dem Hobeln
  • 05


    Each floor is unique. The individual coloring of oil used brings a personal character to floor.

    Your individual floor

    • Has appealing, personalized design

    • Brings healthy indoor climate

    • Lasts for the eternity

    After the hardwood floors are laid, you will get some care products and, on request,maintenance of your floor.

    vdp logo
    The LK Holzbodenmanufaktur is a member of the Association of German manufacturers (VDP) since 2012.

    Ein fertig verlegter Holzboden von der Holzbodenmanufaktur Messung der Feuchte im Holz

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Every project is made individually and to order

Die Geschäftsführer Hans-Christian Lehle (re.) und Achim Köhler (li.)

We shape wood.
Out of passion.

Wood connects - and makes you happy.


Along more than 50 years of professional experience and the passion that can move mountains. This is a combination that creates excellent products and amazes customers over and over again.

With their incredible knowledge of wood in nature and wood processing as well as their true love for working with this materials, the both founders Achim Köhler and Hans-Christian Lehle are really inspiring.

Our Showroom

Solid wood flooring delight in old and new buildings

Wood floor showroom in Oberpframmern

In addition to our workspace in Oberpframmern, you also have access to all hallway examples prepared on small sample panels for inspection. The exhibition of wooden floorboards provides a comprehensive overview of the full range of ready-oiled hardwood floors.

Holzbodenmanufaktur Showroom in Oberpframmern

Wood flooring exhibition for prospectives

We showcase the complete range of products and provide a good impression, what the wooden floor will look like later. Of course, visitors are advised on site and comprehensively by us, if you are unsure about choosing the right hallway floor.

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You have questions or you would like to work with us?

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Beratung bei der Farbauswahl des späteren Holzes